Developed and directed by Chris Burke, Poseidon is a culmination of ideas and plans built over 13 years, since Chris first began teaching watersports in 2002. Having learnt to kite 2 years earlier, it was the freedom of the sport that led his focus, and through a series of teaching seasons; he found his way around the world teaching for different centres, before settling in Poole. 

Having been noticed for his own riding skills, Chris signed several national and international sponsorship deals throughout his career as a professional athlete. Within the discipline of ‘wakestyle’, Chris’s unique technique and ability to perfect technical tricks, secured him worldwide victories, public event invitations and press coverage across the kiteboard industry. 

In later years, his skills as both a rider and instructor were recognised by the British Kitesports Association, and in 2008 he was invited to become a national coach, integrally involved with the development of youth training and British ‘wakestyle’ events. 

After some time working with the design team for a Hawaiian kite company refining pre-production equipment, Chris then launched his own plans and set up Poseidon in 2013. Nowadays, when he’s not coaching and developing ideas for the school, Chris spends as much time as possible shredding local secret spots, still feeling the stoke that got him hooked. 


The Team


Chris Burke | Founder & Pro COach


Senior Kitesurf Coach & National Pro Coach

Preferred kiting style is wakestyle

Riding for 18 years, Ex-international Team Rider for Liquid Force & Wainman Hawaii



jordan hurst | coach & team rider


Kitesurf Coach & SUP coach

Preferred kiting style is freestyle

Riding for 7 years, Sponsored by Poseidon, Ozone & Saxx




Kitesurf Coach & Sailing Instructor

Preferred kiting style is adventuring & foiling

Riding for 8 years


Matthew Fordham | coach


Preferred kiting style is freestyle

Riding for 5 years


logan jezard | COach


Kitesurf Coach

Preferred kiting style is waveriding / foiling

Riding for 11 years, Powerkiting for 15 years


todd kelly | coach


Kitesurf Coach

Preferred kiting style is freestyle

Riding for 4 years


Neil saunders | coach


Kitesurf Coach

Preferred kiting style is a mellow Sunday stroll

Riding for 4 years


Egle Berk | coach


Kitesurf Coach & International Snowboard Coach

Preferred kiting style is freeriding

Riding for 8 years


Robbie shire-maidment | coach


Kitesurf Coach

Preferred kiting style is big air

Riding for 15 years, UK Junior Champion 2006 - 2010


Murray Smith | coach


Kitesurf Coach & SUP Coach

Preferred kiting style is adventuring

Riding for 14 years, BBC Last Man Standing Contender


Roxy Hurst | beach assistant & team rider


Preferred kiting style is freestyle

Riding for 3 years, Sponsored by Poseidon & 2nd Place Junior Girls BKC Hunstanton Nationals


join the team

We’re a tight knit crew made up of a range of ages, skills, talents and passions but, all in all, our love for kiting is what brings us together both at work and during play time too. Always on the lookout for like-minded grafters that want to experience the best of the industry, the list of traits we look for include being a team player, having a flexible approach to timetabling and most importantly a willingness to work hard when the wind blows. With our own rigorous staff training regime, there’s no need for any experience as we welcome all levels of skill and availability. And in terms of what else we can offer aside from the highest level of training in the UK as well as healthy earning potential, there’s also a package of perks including free use of school equipment, opportunity for riding support and the chance to travel with us on Poseidon trips both close to home and abroad.