Opened in 2013, Poseidon is a lifestyle driven company set up by                EX-PROFESSIONAL RIDER Chris Burke


Focused on delivering the highest level of service, Poseidon offers a personalised program in a professional but comfortable atmosphere. Catering for riders of all levels and needs from beginner to pro, we use the best equipment available at the UK’s most ideal location. Passionate and dedicated to our students, our team is made up of only the highest calibre coaches, all running lessons to both the British Kitesurf Association (BKSA) standards and our own fast paced scheme developed by founder Chris over years of experience in the world’s best kiteboarding locations. Our approach has proven successful purely through the feedback, happiness and rate of learning we see everyday.

To everyone here at Poseidon, kiteboarding is truly what we live and breathe, so aside from riding and teaching; social gatherings, events, advice and holidays are all part of the complete picture. Whether it’s during a lesson, or relaxing in our centre chill area after a long day of riding, we welcome everybody to be a part of our kiteboarding lifestyle.