Variety, adventure and friendships make up the lifestyle that we love to live. that’s why on the first weekend of every month we hit the road on our UK tour.


Making the most of everything Britain has to offer, we invite kiters to join us in visiting some of our favourite kiting spots along the UK coastline.

Kept affordable and relaxed, we decide the best venue for each trip around the weather forecast. Together with a local connection, our team will ensure that no trick is missed on each trip.

Offering an advanced coaching clinic at each destination* and a whole quiver of demo equipment, our tour is a casual and fun way to meet new friends, learn new skills and make the most of the UK shores.

There’s no charge for joining, simply contact us to let us know you'd like to attend, so we can be prepared with our planning.

Car share rides are available from Poseidon.**

Advanced clinic pre-booking is required.


Tour Dates

May 6th - 7th
June 3rd - 4th
July 1st - 2nd
August 5 - 6th
September 2nd - 3rd
October 14th - 15th
November 4th - 5th - TBC

UK Venues

*advanced coaching clinics cost £75 / £65 for Beach Club and PLUS members.
** limited spaces available, we set up pick up and drop off places and times at both ends, ensuring everyone gets a ride to the beach and back to bed. Personal tent and bedding required.