2016/17 Ozone Contact bar


2016/17 Ozone Contact bar

from 200.00
  • LEI 4 line kitesurf bar & lines.
  • with 25m lines
  • available in various sizes and conditions
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The Ozone Contact bar is designed to be simple and functional. In our opinion it suits the needs of both beginner and advanced riders, having a clean durable finish which works never causes issues.

Problem free and easy to maintain we use the Contact bar to fly every kite in our fleet. 
We've got various sizes and condition options available to go with kites.

We'd recommend 45cm bars for kites 10m's and under. 50cm bars for kites over 10m.

Our great condition bars have very limited wear, with strong coloured and waxy lines and low to zero abrasion on the grip.
Our good condition bars might have some discolouration to the lines and minima signs of wear to the wear / neoprene covers.

All bars have been maintained, safety checked and well serviced. We wouldn't sell a bar which is in poor or average condition.

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