14m Ozone Catalyst V1


14m Ozone Catalyst V1

  • Freeride LEI kite
  • 20146 / v1 kite, 14 months old.
  • good condition, 1 professional canopy repair.
  • pics coming soon
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We've had this 14m Ozone Catalyst in our fleet for 14 months. 
Designed as a stable and confidence inspiring freeride kite with a great wind range, it's our kite of choice in the school. It's an ideal choice for someone looking for an easy going kite which work well as a first wing and progress confidently into turns and jumps.

The kite is in overall good condition, but sustained a canopy split after a crash which has been professionally repaired. The kite has minimal colour fading from the sun and is showing some softness, but has plenty of life left. 

The 14m would work well as a middle kite for a rider weighing between 80-105 kgs.
It would suit a heavier rider as a stronger wind kite, or a lighter rider as a low wind kite.
It comes kite only, used bars are also available.

You can read more about the Catalyst V1 here.