The days might be getting shorter and nights getting colder, but here there’s a buzz in our team as to us it marks the start of our favourite season.

The windy season, we sometimes call it, for us September - December brings the good stuff. The time when summer keeps on giving, it’s energy stored by the warm ocean surges back to create a significant difference between hot and cold air, high and low pressure. 

Weather systems formed in the Atlantic behave noticeably differently, packed with energy, they rotate faster, have denser air and get driven with more momentum by a stronger jet stream. Our weather follows the same rules, just with more punch to it. Seen at it’s extreme as the Hurricane season in the tropics, we can clearly track low pressure systems forming fast and tight over the Atlantic which then follow a direct path across the ocean pin balling off each other on their way towards us. Unlike summer, this low pressure carries enough drive to barge dense high pressure aside and carry on its path to us and ahead ensuring forecasts are more predictable and wet and windy weather more likely.

At ground level this serves up fast changing weather full of energy and potential. Sometimes reaching storm status, what it means for kiting is that there’s always something ahead. Heat waves have been and gone, now we’re constantly looking west for the next set, knowing it’ll never be far away, making the most of the mild water and switching our quivers from a sluggish 12 & 17 to a lively 7 & 10.

Get out there.

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