Recap for those at the back


Spring is in the air and there’s been a buzz at the beach recently as fair weather kiters come out of hibernation, dust off their kit and get ready to hit the water again.

This end we don’t really consider ourselves fair-weather riders, since it’s rare we’ll miss on a worthy session. But anyone that follows us will notice Poseidon went a little quiet this winter. Rest assured we definitely weren’t sitting idol. Chris and Gig just decided to take a little time out, because if you hadn’t heard, last year threw us some challenging moments. Not just the worst year of wind on record, but 2018 included a series of hurdles including law suites, staff let downs and disappointments, saying goodbye to a furry four legged family member in a pretty emotional manor and then taking a hit from a team relationship drama which would’ve made for a great new series of ‘The only way is Sandbanks’.

So, after bringing a beautiful new baby girl called Inca into the world, we decided to take a few months to enjoy some family time, share some love, remember what’s important and hit the refresh button. Revitalised by baby smiles, storm chasing, fun in the snow and together time with family and friends, we’ve been excitedly resetting plans for this year in the background.

We’re super excited to start a new season full of passion for the sport, driven to help people progress with an aim to develop a hub for like minded people to hang out in. The old Poseidon with a few new shiny bits, we’ve refurbished the trailer, updated the website and realigned our company ethos to make sure we’re still following the path we set out on in the first place. As well as, launching a new online booking and management system, bringing on another brand, taking our community and trips back to being more casual, weather driven & free, and improving how our team run things in the office and on the beach…you can expect to see our pro team a little more chilled this year, excited to get in more riding and social time outside of lessons. 

Follow our social media for regular plans and updates, welcome down anytime to hang out.