Try before you buy

Did you know Poseidon is an Ozone and Axis test centre?


What does that mean?

It means we’ve got everything both brands offer available for test riding daily.

What’s so great about that?

Now kite prices are stretching towards £2,000 and boards close to £800, you don’t want to make the wrong choice when buying. With every brand screaming that theirs is the best kit and each of us having our own tastes, the proof really is in the pudding. So having the chance to try before you buy means you’ll be sure you love what you choose.


Is that it?

It also means they’re our specialist brands, making us pretty clued up on everything to do with the Ozone and Axis range, the tech, the options and the replacement parts.
Based from the beach too, we offer constant support and info on products, so if we can’t help you there and then we are likely to be able to get you sorted pretty quickly.
And for people choosing to buy from us, you’ll know our passion to help you get the most from your kiting through our after sales support.


So what is a demo?

Having had a chat to our team about what type of ride you are looking for, you can take a piece of kit for a demo (after proving competence and valid insurance).
You can try as many different pieces of kit as you like and we recommend riding back to back over 1 day so you get an accurate comparison.
We have no worries swapping between kit as much as you want and whilst we prefer demoing to take place from our base in the Harbour, we do allow riders to take kit elsewhere with prior agreement.

They’ll be no strict time limit for demoing and we don’t charge for your first test ride, for further sessions we ask for the hire charge to be paid and will gladly refund these sessions off a purchase.


How to demo kit effectively?

Not such a stupid question, there’s an art to test riding kit, as most kit will feel pretty similar if you just go out and ‘mow the lawn’.
Realistically you’re looking to find characteristics you like or don’t like, so hitting it hard you should power through your repertoire of moves. Even if it is just cruising, you should push your limits, carving and throwing the kite around so you get to feel its top end, bottom end, turn characteristics and general behaviour. Being respectful you aren’t the owner, throw things around aggressively and get a feel for how it behaves through the good moments and the bad.
Quite quickly you’ll find yourself pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised as you land or crash your moves.
Just remember - etiquette for borrowing kites says you shouldn’t crash them hard or bring them home wet. Boards shouldn’t be run aground.


Like it and want to buy?

We are an authorised retailer, offering everything new or used through our online store.
Focused on teaching and riding more than selling we might not always have stock, but can generally deliver anything to your door within 24 hours.
Price obviously matters so rest assured we stay competative, offer discount to club members / regulars and will gladly price match.
Throw in our sales support and we’re your one stop shop for lessons, hire, info, test riding, buying and (hopefully not) repairs.


Whats available?

Give us a shout anytime to book in a demo on any of the following latest kit:


Catalyst | Enduro | Edge | Reo | C4 | Zephyr | Hyperlink

V4 Bar | Wakestyle bar

Code | Torque


Liberty | Division | Vanguard | Parker Pro

Foil Boards
Freeride Foil | Kink MV

Pro Wave | New Wave