Hello from the team

Now that the summer has past, the temperatures are dropping and we’ve enjoyed a good few weeks of breeze. So naturally, we’re excited to embrace the Autumn, or what we like to call – The Windy Season. With a whole lot of action in the pipeline this end, we’re first reflecting back on the Spring and Summer of 2018, a year I’m sure many kiters and wannabe-kiters will agree was pretty terrible.

Not just haunted with windless spells and unusual wind directions, we’ll remember Spring and Summer 2018 as the year of unreliable forecasts, tough decisions and ‘maybes’. So to everyone who’s stayed patient, kept trying and managed to keep on progressing - well done. And to all our customers who’ve stayed loyal – Thank you.


We do what we do not only to make a living, but because it’s what we love, live and breathe. When the weather stops activity and we stay loyal to our policy of only ever running good quality, honest sessions, you can be certain we’re as frustrated as you are when the wind disappoints and so your patience is much appreciated when we assure you a visit isn’t worth your time and money.


Two questions we often get asked are firstly, how we survive as a wind dependent business & individuals and secondly, when do we get time to ride, when we’re always teaching when it’s windy?

In answer, the truth is that during years like this it’s not easy. To us, a team of passionate kiteboarders it really is a lifestyle, no different to fishermen who’s lives revolve around the tides, weather and the seasons, for us everything revolves around the wind and when there is no wind we knuckle down, live to our means, prep and wait patiently for the wind to return.


So here’s a shout out to each of our instructors, who have the same attitude, who’ve made the decision that they love kiteboarding so much they’ll adapt their life around it, happy for their earnings to change with the weather and always ready to put ‘life-min’ on hold when the wind is up and people are keen to learn.

Some balancing several jobs to cover all possible weathers, some having a few years out of the rat race to enjoy the sport and some pursuing professional careers within the sport as riders or media providers, we’re truly blessed to have the A-team here at Poseidon.


Together the passion and happiness is what drives us to run the best possible operation we can. So, whilst we’re open for lessons and hire every moment that it’s windy, we ensure to keep a balance in our work place this end, flexible to suit the individual needs of our team in work, life and play. It’s why on windy days when Poseidon is always open, you’ll see some coaches enjoying allocated personal riding time, some won’t be in at all on the really good days as they like to make the most, some get competition weekends supported and of course all get to use any of our kit as they’d like.


It’s a lifestyle many of our team couldn’t live outside of, a freedom to live the way we want, make the most of mother nature and earn a living from making people smile. 

For sure a little self control with expenditure is important, always prepared for a ‘rainy day’ but given the choice of stability from an office or working with our passion, those Monday morning sessions win for us.


Qualifications are required to teach, but personal attitude is more important when applying to work with us as boxes can be ticked and in-house training will be given.

So spread the word amongst your kite buddies that people interested to join us should give info@poseidonkiteschool.com a shout with the subject line: Join the team.

It’s our heritage and as we grow we’ll stay true to it in order to ensure Poseidon stays passionate on the inside and the outside because we always ride together.


So as with every windy season, we’re all about tearing up the wind and waves and hope to see you on the water. Stay tuned for info on some sales and special offers, a new clothing range and the hotly anticipated 2018 Dorset Big Air Competition.