Windy Season Special Offer


Summer might be over and winter just around the corner, but for us autumn is the season we wait for...

The windy season, as we like to call it, is the time of year when the summers' energy keeps giving back, serving up solid low pressure systems that drive in from the Atlantic, pushing strong and regular winds which blow consistently over the still mild harbour waters.

Making the most of it and wanting to see more people join us on the water, we're running a special windy season offer.

Quite simply, the promotion offers newbie kiters 8 hours of complementary hire following completion of a beginner fast track course during the months of October and November. 
That's 6 hours of 1:1 training and 10 hours of hire for just £290.

To sign up for this offer purchase a £100 windy season deposit voucher via the link below and contact us to book in your training over one or several days anytime between sunrise and sunset before November 30th.

You'll be sent a voucher for free hire time, then having completed your training and paid the remaining £190 for tuition, you can continue practising alone with hire kit completely free of charge.*

Simple. It's a £160 saving, an easy entry into the sport and days worth of smiles.



*Other terms and conditions

  1. Offer vouchers must be purchased prior to commencement of a course.
  2. The remaining balance will be payable at the start of each course.
    • Balance on a fast track course - £190
  3. The promotion period runs from October 1st - November 30th, free hire time expires after this date.
  4. Hire will be available having reached an independent level, course training aims to develop skills and achieve this level, but we cannot guarantee it, we can offer hourly after course training on a 1:1 basis if required.
  5. Personal 3rd party insurance will be required to continue hiring independently after completion of training, the cost of this is £38 annually with the BKSA.