July Club Night Downwinder

The last Thursday of the moth is always marked as club night, an evening dedicated to get all members (and non members) together to enjoy a little kite action, and if not action, a kite social.

Generally the forecast has forced us to plan the latter, but July's outing delivered what we all wait for, a solid 20 knots of westerly perfection.

Forecast to hold into the evening, with a small swell rolling in and building we decided it was down winder time. 
Not one for the the entry level members, we set up kit at Sandbanks, launched as a crew of 26 excited kiters and kited together all the way downwind, past Bournemouth to Southbourne.

For sure it wasn't without it's drama's, with a couple of swims and early escapees, but with everyone pushing their limits and loving everyone moment we all made it to the finish line in the end, buzzing with excitement and ready to collapse with a beer.

Fun times all round and raring for the next one.

Thanks everyone for coming!