Hayling Island Tour Stop

For the June stop of our UK tour we hit Hayling Island in Hampshire hoping to score some flat water free styling.
It didn't disappoint one bit, delivering 2 solid days of wind and fun in sun.

Joined by a small crew from Poole, meeting locals on the beach and hanging Tom from Ozone UK who scattered the beach with a bunch of new toys from Ozone and Axis we shredded foil boards, surf boards and twin tips over endless sessions behind the infamous Hayling sandbar.

It was endless smiles all day long as the group made the most of the Hayling butter, switching between foiling, big air and freestyle sessions until slowly everyones muscles couldnt take any more and it was time to retire home.

We're stoked to have had such a great weekend away and whilst the campsite and sleeping arrangements had some room for improvement it didn't matter one bit as the conditions and the company was just perfect.

Thanks CBK for making us so welcome, and Hayling Island for giving us the good stuff.

Roll on the next tour stop - July 1st & 2nd.