An offshore adventure

We're unpacking kit and switching opps back to normal today after an amazing trip to the Isle of Wight.
In new moves for us we opted to relocate the school to follow the wind ahead of our first UK tour stop over the weekend and it paid off, delivering an amazing mix of learning, riding and good times with a bunch of Poseidon friends who were a pleasure to pre-tour with.

As the majority of the group joined us on Friday night, Chris outlined the weekend plan on Saturday morning, briefing the group with an education on local kiting, covering everything they might need to know, before outlining a coaching plan. The aim of the trip was to make sure everyone made the weekend their own, spending time doing the things they love and enjoying every moment exactly how they'd like. With our help, if needed, the group sometimes kited together and other times ventured around the island away from the group, going it alone. 
With the group at nearly 30 kiters, some opted for the ease of Ryde, whilst other braved the currents of Bembridge to make the most of its glassy flat lagoons.
For a couple of people, they made the most of Chris's coaching clinic, busting out their first rotations behind the sand bar.

Of course kiting wasn't everything, so staying at the beach side camp at Nodes Point, the evenings we're cruisy and full of laughs as the group relived their kiting action whilst enjoying a BBQ and more than a few beers.

For us it was a great success and a pleasure to enjoy a weekend with lots of like minded people, all eager to make great memories alongside the Poseidon crew.

Thanks to everyone that joined us, thanks to the Isle of wight and it's locals who welcomed us.

We're already excited about the June trip!