Ozone global demo tour this weekend

This weekend Ozone pay us a visit as part of their global tour.

Whilst they are unfortunately not bringing too much wind with them, they are packing the full selection of light wind kites to back up their entire show range, including the brand new 19m R1 v2 Kite.

All pumped and ready to try, the full range will be on show all weekend long, and on Saturday at 3pm team rider Ryan Coote will be running a talk on wave riding techniques before we fire up the BBsQ and serve up free food and sundowner beers.

Whilst it's not the windy kite fuelled weekend we'd all hoped for, it's is lining up to be a cruisy few days at the beach checking out new toys, chatting to the international team and enjoying some good grub whilst sharing the Stoke with other kite friends.

and if the wind does kick in, you know we'll be the first to jump on it.

Hope to see you down here, everyone's welcome 

For now, check out the R1 v2 in action, developed from pure ozone passion: