Ozone Global Demo Tour

Over the weekend of the 4th & 5th June, Ozone's Global Demo Tour arrives at Poseidon here in sandbanks.

On a world wide tour promoting Ozone and their new kite kit, Iain Hannay (Ozone General Manager), Ryan Coote (International Team Rider) and Tom Beaton (UK Distributor), will be stopping in for the weekend with a full size range of every model kite Ozone has to offer.

With the new Edge, Enduro, C4, Catalyst, Reo, Zephyr & Chrono all pumped and ready to ride, this is an opportunity to both try before you buy, and get some inside insight on how to get the best from your kit. Completely free of charge.

Running both days from 10am until the evening breeze stops, trying out kit and riding together will be priority number 1. As if that isn't enough, on Saturday we've set up a social schedule starting with a talk from Ryan at 3pm on he's specialist subject - waveriding. 

Rolling on into the evening, post session beers will be flowing and an Ozone sponsored BBQ will be sizzling, right here at the beach from around 6pm. Everyone is welcome for a chance to mingle, get to know each other more, and enjoy some free grub.

From there, for those still full of energy, town isn't far away and we'll be making a move to the dance floor once the sun's gone down.

Hope to see you there.


For now, check out one of our favourite clips from team rider, Ryan shredding his home turf