Summer Update

It’s been a busy summer here at Poseidon, with solid days of wind to calmer sunshine filled weekends there’s been a steady stream of smiles from everyone who’s gotten wet.

Paddle boarding is getting more and more popular amongst the locals and the holiday makers. We’ve had hen parties sipping champagne to children’s groups spending more time pushing each other off than actually paddling. No matter the age group, it seems the new ‘thing to do’ in the harbour is hire a paddleboard and spend the afternoon cruising at leisure.

The kite school has had a great season so far and with a growing crew of instructors we’ve been stoked to see children, adults and corporate groups all riding and passionate about the sport. Many thanks to John Lewis, who have entertained us on more than one occasion with their employee bonding antics and numerous kite crashes. With the windy season all set to kick off as Autumn rears it’s breezy head, we’re suited up and ready to take out the hardier kite enthusiasts in chillier climes.