Spring Session

We love nothing more than a good get together with our kite and Paddleboard friends, so to celebrate making it through the dark months and into spring we’re throwing a party. In the usual Poseidon way everyone is welcome to join us for a weekend of Kite and Paddleboard fun.

Through the day we’ll be open, running free advanced coaching sessions for those who know the basics.For people looking to sample new gear we’ll have A complete demo fleet from Ozone, Axis, Cabrinha, Agent Eights, Corban, Ikon and Supinflateables.co.uk, all free to try out.

In the evening the Bermuda Triangle pub, a personal favourite of ours will be hosting a BBQ and along side a locally brewed special event beer will be serving a selection of their favourite local ales.

With everyone welcome, give us a shout if you want more info or simply pop down on the day to find us at Poseidon HQ on sandbanks beach when the sun is up or the BT pub after sun down.

Times & locations
Saturday 12th April: 10 - 6pm sandbanks, Poole. BH13 7PW
Saturday 12th April: 7 - 12pm Bermuda Triangle, ashley cross. BH14 0JY
Sunday 13th April: 10 - 6pm sandbanks, Poole. Bh13 7PW