Dakhla 2016 Round up

Gradually unpacking bags and readying ourselves for some incoming wind in the UK, we're now firmly settled back in from our recent 10 day kite trip to Dakhla.

With 33 eager kiters, of mixed levels, heading out with us to take over the small lagoon side 'Spirit' camp, our team scheduled a busy itinerary of riding, coaching, adventure and evening socialising.
Making the most of every single moment, we're all about fun & progression, developing skills with understanding and encouragement. We pick new targets every session to ensure kiting always stays fresh and the smile never ends.
Wind is of course an important factor of kiting and sadly Dakhla slightly let us down this year, serving up the worst spell of wind in over 14 years!

Not a total loss, we still got 4 days of riding in. Sharing a selection of big demo kites between the group, we took it in turns to hit the water for a focused shred, if not joining the peanut gallery on the beach pushing each other on.

It was important to make the most of every minute, and our group definitely did. It was amazing to see how quickly kiters can progress when they want to. Seeing epic progression in the both the beginner and advanced ends of the lagoon, it was smiles and happy faces every evening over dinner.

The fun didn't stop with the wind though, Dakhla is situated perfectly on a thin peninsular of land sheltering an inner lagoon to the east from the Atlantic ocean to the west. For us that meant when it wasn't windy we'd vary our attention from boat and cable wake sessions, to chasing an amazing swell which was hitting the ocean side, delivering reliable surf sessions at the local point break which was perfect for the whole group.

Of course that's when we weren't getting our beach volleyball on point. or soaking up the sun whilst the apres kite pain faded.

So whilst it wasn't all we'd hoped and dreamed of, it's weeks like this which really make us smile. Reminding us that kiting isn't just about what goes down on the water, it's equally about lifestyle and the like minded friends we meet to share it with.

Roll on the next trip, hopefully with a group much the same, full of equally as much laughter, and just maybe a little more wind please.