The Luau


Well it’s certainly been a hot one, so embracing the summer spirit we’re going all exotic over here at Poseidon and throwing our annual Luau. On Saturday 3rd August we’ll be hosting a demo day and evening celebration to introduce you to our latest brands and give everyone a chance to come together to enjoy good food and great company on our very own kite beach.

The guys from Ozone, Slingshot, Ride Engine and Fatstick will be joining us to show off their latest toys and give you the chance to try them out for free. They’ll also be running some brand chats at the beach to tell you about some of their kit and any new exciting ones in the pipeline. In the early evening we’ll be lighting the coals for a special Hawaiian feast, pouring our famous rum punch and vibing until the sun goes down.

Fancy coming? No ticket needed, this one’s on us…






5 PM | BBQ




29 - 2 AUGUST & 12 - 16 AUGUST

Getting children into kiting, our grom course is the perfect way to get your your little ones* buzzing over the long summer holidays.

Just £220 for 5 sessions, our specially trained senior instructors will teach them everything they’ll need to know to become safe and independent kiteboarders.
Starting on the beach to learn basics about kit and controls they’ll be taught how to be safe and considerate before moving to the water to learn powered flying in the safety of the Sandbanks lagoon. Having mastered various controls they’ll then introduce the board and work at getting up and blasting across the bay. Focused on developing independence, once they’ve completed their training our follow up supervised hire sessions will allow them to keep practising all summer long under the watchful eye of a coach for just £50 per session.

Running from 2pm - 4.30 on the 29th - 2nd and again on 12th - 16th August book in now while spaces are still available

*suitable for children 12 years old and above

Leave your details to join our Grom supervision session wind alerts:

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Getting children into kiting, our grom course is the perfect way to entertain your little ones* over the half term and summer holidays too. Our first course runs Monday to Friday on the 27th May to the 31st of May, starting at 2 in the afternoon and running until 4.30pm.

Just £220 for the full 5 day course, it’s the best way to get young people excited about a new sport. They’ll be taught how to be safe and considerate on the beach and in the water, how to set up their equipment before getting into the water for some fun with the kite.


27th - 31st May

15th - 19th July

29th July - 2nd August

*suitable for children 12 years old and above




Once you’ve got to grips with riding, the best way to continue and make the most of the wind without investing a chunk of money on your own gear is to rent equipment.

We offer various options from casual hourly rental from just £15 to a monthly membership which offers unlimited* access to kit, 7 days a week for a monthly fee of £125.

To help make the most of the varied conditions, we’re offering a special offer so you can hire for the whole season for less. Sign up now until the end of October for just £600. That’s just £100 a month, a saving of £150, for full access to every size and model Ozone, Slingshot & Axis has to offer, daily from our beach side base in the harbour.

You just need to be signed off by a Poseidon coach, have a PHC permit and have BKSA membership or travel insurance that covers kitesurfing to make the most of the offer.

<< S I G N U P B E F O R E T H E 3 1 S T M A Y >>

*3 hours a day during busy periods. Kit only used under our supervision.

Bring A Buddy



Because we know it’s better to ride together, we're offering up our Bring A Buddy promotion again this year. 

Book a 2 day course with a friend and you’ll save £60.
Normally £440 for two people, if you book with our Bring a Buddy offer before the 28th April you’ll both enjoy a full 2 day course for just £190 each.

Simply sign up and pay in full for 2 participants through the link below to make the most of the offer, then choose course dates that suit you anytime this year* and come learn to kite together for less.

*T’s & C’s

The 2 day course must be paid for in full before the 28th April 2019 and booked in before 31st October 2019.

Valid on all 2 day courses, excluding bank holiday weekends.

Day 1 sessions run from 10am-4pm every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

Day 2 sessions run from 10am-4pm run every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

Booking is Subject to availability.

Course completion is subject to weather conditions, in adverse weather rescheduling will be offered.

Spring Session 2019


Back for another year, we’re celebrating the start of the fair weather season by hosting our first kite focused beach shindig of the year.

A causal get together we’ll have the venue, the kit and the vibe for a catch up with old faces and an opportunity pick up your knowledge along the way with our free safety and kit servicing clinics.

Offering free demo’s of all the latest toys from Ozone, slingshot, Axis and ride engine it’s a great chance to try the latest tech too. Of course no beach day would be complete without a BBQ, so BYO beer and grub to throw on the grill.

Full details closer to the time, for now save the date - Saturday 13th April

Hope to see you down here.

Recap for those at the back


Spring is in the air and there’s been a buzz at the beach recently as fair weather kiters come out of hibernation, dust off their kit and get ready to hit the water again.

This end we don’t really consider ourselves fair-weather riders, since it’s rare we’ll miss on a worthy session. But anyone that follows us will notice Poseidon went a little quiet this winter. Rest assured we definitely weren’t sitting idol. Chris and Gig just decided to take a little time out, because if you hadn’t heard, last year threw us some challenging moments. Not just the worst year of wind on record, but 2018 included a series of hurdles including law suites, staff let downs and disappointments, saying goodbye to a furry four legged family member in a pretty emotional manor and then taking a hit from a team relationship drama which would’ve made for a great new series of ‘The only way is Sandbanks’.

So, after bringing a beautiful new baby girl called Inca into the world, we decided to take a few months to enjoy some family time, share some love, remember what’s important and hit the refresh button. Revitalised by baby smiles, storm chasing, fun in the snow and together time with family and friends, we’ve been excitedly resetting plans for this year in the background.

We’re super excited to start a new season full of passion for the sport, driven to help people progress with an aim to develop a hub for like minded people to hang out in. The old Poseidon with a few new shiny bits, we’ve refurbished the trailer, updated the website and realigned our company ethos to make sure we’re still following the path we set out on in the first place. As well as, launching a new online booking and management system, bringing on another brand, taking our community and trips back to being more casual, weather driven & free, and improving how our team run things in the office and on the beach…you can expect to see our pro team a little more chilled this year, excited to get in more riding and social time outside of lessons. 

Follow our social media for regular plans and updates, welcome down anytime to hang out.

A Very Big Night


Well what a night! With our best turn out yet for a Christmas bash, Maison Sax held host to over 150 people. We had kiters, non-kiters, professional riders, Mums, Dads & more all in the mood to get merry and celebrate the festive season.


With music from local Cuban reggae band, Afro Tallawah the atmosphere was colourful and the dance moves were…questionable. The theme of the night was community, something that’s super important to us. Sport in general is more fun when it’s shared with others and as an extreme sport, ours is safer when done together. We’re all about loyalty and looking after others, something we pride ourselves on as a team,so to help out those less fortunate this Christmas time, all proceeds from the night are being donated to a Dorset based charity Hope for Food. A great cause for good, ensuring single mothers and anyone finding it hard to keep afloat have a better Christmas this year.

Thanks to the support of our sponsors King of Watersports, Kite Worldwide, Ozone, Ride Engine, Saxx, Saun, the brew shack and the BPKC our raffle and board auction raised over £500. So a big thank you for digging deep and pooling towards a very good cause - Hope for food.

On to the prize giving now…it’s no secret that we’ve had a difficult year of wind but thanks to a few big storms later in the game, we managed to rack up an impressive leaderboard of scores. And, with more gumption than any years before, everyone involved really pushed themselves to their limits and gave it all they had.


Biggest Air (Men)

1st - David Beckett - 19.3 metres

2nd - Alex Wheeler - 18.2 metres

3rd - Jordan Hurst - 18 metres

Biggest Air (Women)

1st - Fiona Smith - 8.3 metres

2nd - Lucy James - 7.3 metres

3rd - Pauline Williams - 4 metres

Best Session Score

Russell Farrington

Longest Air

Peter Jawor - 12 seconds hang time

Biggest G

Darrell Roff - 14.7 Gs


Adam Farrington - 10 metres

The Christmas Party Lodown


Not long to go until the Big Air Christmas Party and we’re excited it’s lining up to be a cracker.

With doors opening at the swanky new Maison Sax bar from 7.30pm there’ll be Prosecco and mince pies on arrival before Afro Tallawah take the stage with some chilled ‘latin afro’ beats.

Make sure to grab some raffle tickets and check out the silent auction between mingling, then be ready for the Dorset Big Air competition prize giving from 9pm.

After some more tunes from the band we’ll aim to close the auction and pull the raffle at 10pm before bouncing on with another set from the band until midnight.

Grab your ticket here:


A big pre thanks to our sponsors that have helped make this happen too:

Maison Sax
Ride Engine
King of Watersports
Saxx underwear
The Brewshack

Winter special offer


Shorter days and colder waters never put us off as we're geared up with the right equipment.

But they do mean we're now switching to our winter schedule from December until March.

That means we become a little more selective about days on the water, running only 1:1 training, watching the wind and temperature forecast more than the diary, planning more last minute to ensure every session is worthy. And, whilst you might not find us at the beach every day, rest assured we are still operating daily with a pre-booked plan.

Simply give us a shout if you'd like to make a plan or join our winter wind alerts. We'll keep in touch to let you know when the wind looks worth heading out and braving the chill.

Also ensure to quote "winter training" to make the most of our out-of-season offer

- 5 hours of 1:1 training split over 2 days for just £200 -

Covering the same subjects as a 2 day course, there's no catches, no terms and conditions or pre-payment, just a more cost effective option for the hardened and passionate few.

Call 0777 237 0007 to book or email

Poseidon Hawaiian Luau

A few weeks back we ran a demo day alongside King of Watersports, Ozone and Slingshot. Not only were we lucky with the wind but the sun shone on the harbour too, which made for a great day on the water leading into another legendary evening on the beach for our big Luau cook out.

Kites and boards to try out for free, an epic Hawaiian pork spit roast and buffet, coconut shy, music, lei's and a free flowing feisty prosecco punch, it was a great day and we'd like to say thank you to everyone who came along. If you couldn't make it this time, keep an eye out as we've got a few more parties in the pipeline for this's what you missed...

Is that change on the horizon?

Feeling frustrated by the wind? You're not alone. Already 6 moths in and barely able to remember a good string of kiting sessions...2018 has officially gone down as the worst Spring kiting we've ever known.

Haunted by long periods of high pressure and light Northeasterly winds, the question we get asked all the time is when's it going to change? Not able to control the weather, we can't say for sure, but by understanding why it's been so funky you might join us in seeing light at the end of the tunnel and gain a little hope that it will soon be back to normal. For sure up and down regularly, but at least delivering bouts of wind driven fun.

So in an educational blog piece here we're going to look at 'how' the weather works, aiming to answer 'why' its been so shoddy, with the hope of seeing 'when' it's going to change.



Looking at the bigger picture It's important to understand how weather works.
Quite a major subject, it can be made simple by remembering that heat causes moisture to evaporate and air to rise up full of energy. Spinning clockwise whilst it rises (in the northern hemisphere) it leaves the surface with a lower air pressure and then condensing as clouds as it cools at altitude. Known as a 'low pressure system' this carries energy and moisture (wind and rain).

Dumping its moisture as rain and cooling, the air then falls back down towards the ground, compressing under itself, spinning anticlockwise (in the Northern hemisphere) with clear, dry skies as a stable and more dominant 'high pressure system'.

With a little more understanding about isobars and weather fronts you can now start to make your own daily prediction with a Met Office Synoptic chart, calculating wind strength, direction and rainfall changes.


Forecasting more than 24 hours ahead gets a little more tricky as we need to look above the weather systems to the jet stream 5-7 miles up.
Caused by the spinning of the planet, the Coriolis effect creates strong orbiting flows of air in clockwise and anticlockwise motions around the planet.
Heading west to east on the the UK's latitude, the jet stream plays a big part in pushing weather systems around the world. Fluctuating it's speed and sometimes direction it guides how fast and strong the weather will change down at ground level.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 18.01.38.png

So always looking to the west of us on a chart, guided by how fast and straight the jet stream is moving we can look at the weather systems to make a prediction of whats inbound.
Of course building accuracy by taking into consideration local effects and knowledge of how differing systems rebound off each other as they move around.

This is where the Met Office, Wind guru, Windfinder and others step in, having developed computer algorithms which use data from since records began to look for patterns in the charts which we've seen before and put out a prediction which is most likely to pan out correctly.

So what's gone down this year? Why have the patterns been so off and why havn't the forecast's been able to predict it?
Quite simply we've not seen weather like it before. The Jet stream has been swirling back on it's self and the low pressure systems have been either too small to matter, or sent North towards the arctic.
Without turning this kiting focused blog into a climate change, save the planet piece, the weather is changing. Combined with coming out of a La Nina year in March 2018, things are different.
We've seen it over the last 2 years, when our seasons became almost like the tropics, calm and dry through spring and Autmumn, followed by wet and windy in Summer and winter.
It means as 'wind chasers' we need to adapt to understand it, looking at the forecast as a guide and looking for patterns ourselves to ensure we're ready not to miss a moment.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 18.02.08.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.07.38.png

What can we see and predict? Well, there's change ahead, the jet stream is finally straightening west to east and building speed, there's energy forming in the Atlantic and we're looking at a pretty hefty low pressure system due to hit from mid next week, our hope is that a big blow out could reset the patterns for a little while at least.

Whilst we're not saying that's kiting 'on' for the next 6 months, we are hoping it'll blasts through us, continues East and clear the way for more regular British weather following behind it. Not good news for the bucket and spade brigade, it'll mean changeable westerly flow, opening the door to further weather systems and localised sea breezes.
Of course there's no guarantees, but if it stays westerly after this next system we'll be getting excited and gearing up for another windy summer.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.10.34.png