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Forgiving Freeride

  • Fun & forgiving freeride design

  • Smooth and consistent power delivery

  • Wide wind range

  • Easy re-launch

  • High de-power

  • Full ‘flag out’ safety system

  • High quality construction.

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Key Info

Redesigned for 2016, the Catalyst V1 entry level freeride kite makes learning and riding easier than ever. Sitting deeper in the window that other kites with line pressure firmly set on the trailing edge, the Catalyst V1 continues pulling smoothly even when the wind or rider input fluctuates.

Featuring flag out safety, a pulley-less bridle, easy relaunch design and exceptional ozone quality, the Catalyst has a high level of depower and bar pressure making it as comfortable to ride as it is intuitive, allowing the rider to concentrate on where they’re going, rather that how to get there.




Leading edge sweep & structural design

  • Delta-C leading edge shape increases wind range and all round performance.

  • Deep profile and narrow tips give a comfortable and easy going ride.


Fabric & construction

  • ‘Split strut’ construction improves rigidness and overall strength.

  • Multiple, trim options and connectors.

  • High volume valves and one-pump system.


Kite features

  • Industry leading slingshot ‘bomber’ construction methods and panel layout give unrivalled durability.

  • Teijin Dacron and TechnoForce D2 fabrics, make the kite lighter, stiffer, and stronger. Holding its shape firmer in the sky, this transfers to an increased wind range, improved rider feedback and a longer lasting kite.


Contact Bar - TO BE WRITTEN

Complimented by Slingshot’s simple, safe and strong ‘Compstick’ bar, which is renowned across the industry for it’s durability and ruggedness. with a tough grip, ultra strong lines, eva floats and stainless steel components, it’s made to work and to keep working.
Available in 2 options, the ‘Guardian’ model features below-bar-de-power, which offers an ultra clean finish, extra long de-power throw with adjustable stopper and trim adjustment at waist level for easy reach at all times.
Whilst the above-the-bar-depower model, the ‘Sentinal’ offers a traditional ride, with fine tuning from a rugged cleat and a clutter free chicken loop which is extra durable, easy to re-arm, clean and swivel-able.

Wind Range and Bar Size