Edge V9


Edge V9

from 1,120.00

High Performance Freeride

  • High speed and lift
  • Massive wind range
  • Great hang time
  • Amazing upwind performance
  • Direct feeling bar feedback
  • Fast pivotal turning
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Key Info

After 10 years of refinement, the Edge is Ozone’s high performance leading edge inflatable. With a slim profile and high aspect ratio design, the Edge is designed to simply go very fast and jump very high. Often a contender on the racing, speed and big air circuits, the Edge is industry renowned as sitting at the forefront of inflatable performance.

Developed over the years to become more manageable, the Edge V9 is a kite flyers kite. Slicing through gusts and making the most of its massive wind range, it’s a kite that likes the hooked in bar finesse of riders who enjoy pushing their own limits, without worrying about the latest trend of technical manoeuvres.


Tech Specs


Leading edge sweep & structural design

  • Swept from the centre right through to its narrow wing tips, the Edge drives forwards in the window, creating a smooth and incredibly fast wing.

  • Its high aspect ratio design and mid-depth profile add to its speed characteristics, whilst stabilising an unbeatable amount of hang time.


Key Features

  • Low friction bridles reduce drag.

  • Pulley-less bridle system, developed by Ozone to improve the rider feedback.

  • High volume valves and one-pump system.

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Fabric & Construction

  • Constructed from Teijin Dacron and TechnoForce D2 fabrics, the kite is lighter, stiffer, and stronger. Holding its shape firmer in the sky, this transfers to an increased wind range, improved rider feedback and a longer lasting kite.

  • Aerodynamically designed scuff protectors and reinforcement on the leading edge, trailing edge and internal bladders.


V4 Contact Bar

Complemented by the control system, Ozone's V4 Contact kite bar optimises the performance of their kites by integrating a series of failproof safety systems onto a clean and clutter-free bar design. On top of its industry leading push release, adjustable leash options and soft bar ends, Ozone have upped their game by adding beefy - 500kg lines, a front line swivel and shaped bar grip. Offering up a control bar that comes in 4 different sizes, it serves the safety needs of a beginner whilst still matching the requirements of a pro. The V4 Contact bar is arguably perfect. Read More

Wind Range & Bar Size