Alpha V1


Alpha V1

from 780.00

LIgh tweight all-rounder

  • Lightweight, single strut design

  • incredible low end performance

  • wide, comfortable range

  • Great rider feedback

  • High quality construction

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A single strut design, the Alpha is designed to perform in underpowered riding conditions.
it’s low end power is ideal for foiling, cruising and gentle freestyle, whilst it’s light weight and small pack down size make it a dream for traveling.
Easy to fly and stable across it’s wind range it works in most environments, drifting well in waves and holding good float in jumps, but really excels for a rider wanting to adventure and cruise.

Built ultra light and coming in a light weight bag, matched with a V4 contact bar this clear and simple set up has yet to disappoint riders who want to cruise underpowered in comfort.

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Leading edge sweep & structural design

  • Deep and wide makes the kite super stable, creating lots of power even at slow speeds.

  • Fairly square and arced gives a predictable feel with lots of feedback, powering through turn and out of jump.


Kite Features

  • A single strut keeps the power to weight balance great for underpowered riding.

  • Pulley-less bridle system, developed by Ozone to improve the rider feedback.

  • High volume valves and one-pump system.

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Fabric & Construction

  • Constructed from Teijin Dacron and TechnoForce D2 fabrics the kite lighter, stiffer, and stronger. Holding its shape firmer in the sky this transfers to an increased wind range, improved rider feedback and a longer lasting kite.

  • Aerodynamically designed scuff protectors and reinforcement on the leading edge, trailing edge and internal bladders.


Contact Bar

Complemented by the control system, Ozone's V4 Contact kite bar optimises the performance of their kites by integrating a series of failproof safety systems onto a clean and clutter-free bar design. On top of its 'Megatron' push release, adjustable leash options and soft bar ends, Ozone have upped their game by adding beefy - 500kg lines, a front line swivel and shaped bar grip. Offering up a control bar that comes in 4 different sizes, it serves the safety needs of a beginner whilst still matching the requirements of a pro. The Contact bar is arguably perfect. Read More