children are the future of Kiteboarding, and we enjoy helping them get into the sport that we love


Understanding that they learn differently, we operate a child specific program over weekends, evenings and the school holidays. Available for 12-16 year olds, our specially trained coaches follow a tailored syllabus to get young riders ripping across the water safely, through a fun and fast learning program. 


2 Hour Taster / £50

  • With a focus on fun, our 2 hour taster bypasses some of the more intricate details involved with learning to kiteboard in order to get stuck in and get on the water right away.
  • Following a short safety briefing, we’ll spend the first half of the lesson grasping basic piloting skills, before powering things up and learning to body drag across the surface of the water to finish.
  • Guaranteed to bring a smile, it’s simple, fun and gives a great flavour for the excitement of kiteboarding


Safety briefing
Equipment familiarisation
Basic kite control
Kite powered body dragging

Grom Kite Course / £200

  • Broken down into four 2.5 hour bite size modular sessions, our Grom course will cover all the skills required to reach a level of independence and complete safety awareness. Starting each module with a classroom session, the first day will be spent learning beach controls and equipment familiarisation.
  • We’ll then move into the water to begin kite powered body dragging, learning directional control whilst skimming along the surface. Having mastered the kite, they’ll be ready for the board in session three, where they’ll initially learn to retrieve it, before mastering the art of putting the board on themselves. We aim to have them up and riding self sufficiently by the end of session four.


Module 1

Safety assessing
Equipment familiarisation and preparation
Launching procedure
Basic kite control

Module 2

Independent safety assessing
Independent equipment set up
Water relaunch
Powered body dragging
Directional body dragging
Upwind body dragging
Emergency pack down

Module 3

Board recovery
Board preparation
Basic board starting

Module 4

Downwind riding
Speed control

Supervised 2.5 hour sessions / £50 with kit hire, £35 with own kit

Being at a level of independence doesn’t always mean kiters are ready to head out alone, especially when their young and very lightweight. That’s why we run supervised sessions with or without equipment hire. With an instructor on hand to offer support, coaching and safety assistance, young riders can practice with confidence knowing that an instructor is always available for assistance, if necessary. 

Private lessons / £40 per hour

Our private lessons, run as a 121 program, are available hourly and focus on the individual skills those students wish to progress.

Ideal for riders with previous experience, those who might be a little nervous, need some support if it’s been a while, or those in need of some focused tips to help break through a learning hurdle. Teaching on a 121 basis, we are able to dedicate all of our attention, to help that student achieve the success they want.

Activity sessions

Keeping things fun, we offer a variety of child-friendly activity sessions. Ideal for some summer holiday fun, a weekend experience or a birthday party to remember, we have a planned weekly schedule and offer a tailored experience across all the sports we offer, including all equipment. With a variety of options available, please get in touch to find out more.

Under 12s?

We never want to stop a young enthusiast who’s passionate to get into kiting, but the sport does require a certain amount of mental maturity due to the safety and technical considerations. So, having met/discussed learning options with both child and parent, we can tailor a 121 program of training from any age.