Simulator deck


Simulator deck

  • Ease focused shape and design

  • Forgiving shape

  • Buoyant construction

  • Base and deck shaping

  • High nose rocker

  • Easily adjustable mast position

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A fun, easy going deck, the simulator aims to make foiling as easy as possible. Coming in at 5’6 x 40” it’s the biggest deck on the range, featuring stacks of buoyancy, small chines and a pronounced nose rocker it makes riding off the foil or touching down a non issue. Speeding up learning and yet still fun whilst progressing, or even paddling into waves, the simulator is made to make foiling easier.



Large size, buoyancy and shape makes getting going easy and forgiving for kite or surf.

Full EVA deck pad reduced possible impact injury to you and your board.

Adjustable mast track and foot strap positions offer micro positioning options.