Freeride Hydrofoil


Freeride Hydrofoil

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  • Medium aspect ratio G10 freeride wing

  • 90cm robust Aluminium mast

  • Fast, lively and predictable wing

  • Modular design

  • Super stiff construction

  • Variable mast size compatible

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Designed to make foil progression exciting, the Axis freeride foil is flatter and narrower than other freeride wings on the market, which translates into more speed and drive through turns.
Sometimes intimidating, Axis have found a great balance which is predictable and fun, happy riding at medium speeds and very comfortable at high speeds, it recovers from cavitations well, charges up wind and powers through turns without ever throwing anything unpredictable or uncomfortable in the mix.
Built to last, the G10 wings, Aluminium mast and modular design ensure scapes and bumps are barely noticed and easily fixed.



Flat, medium aspect ratio wing increases speed and drive upwind and through turn, whilst keeping the ride predictable, forgiving and fun.

G10 wing construction is suer strong and robust to scratches and impacts, its shape always reduces the impact of minor damage to water flow.

Aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel mast and components increase durability and stiffness, whilst keeping cost down.