Converter deck


Converter deck

  • Foil / surf crossover design

  • Happy with or without foil

  • Buoyant construction

  • Noticeable nose rocker

  • Lively thruster fin surfboard feel (without foil)

  • Easily adjustable mast position (with foil)

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Based on the Angry Swallow surf board, this convertible 5’4 board is equally happy riding with a foil mounted or regular fins. A crossover choice, it enables you to buy one board for 2 sports, working well as a buoyant foil deck with noticeable forgiving nose rocker, which then rips about in the waves and for jumps with the mast swapped out for thruster fins.
Built like a surfboard and shaped to handle flat and waves, it’s a versatile deck which opens doors.



Buoyant design makes foil starts easy, whilst straight outline helps the surf board charge upwind.

Adjustable foil / surf design makes it great for traveling and space / money saving.

Adjustable mast track and foot strap positions offer micro positioning options.