Q) How long does it take to learn kiteboarding?

A) Everybody learns the sport at different speeds, but we find 2 days is enough time to get the basics to continue comfortably practising. Riding confidently back and forth takes a little more time, but comes quickly over your next 2 or 3 sessions.

Q) Do you have to be strong?

A) Not at all, finesse and technique are more important in kiteboarding. We harness you to a kite which is correctly sized to the conditions and your body weight to ensure you never feel strained.

Q) What if there is no wind?

A) If there is no wind it’s impossible to fly a kite, if you can’t fly a kite we aren’t going to be able to teach you to kiteboard. We run a strict and fair customer first policy; if conditions don’t allow us to be productive we won’t waste your time and money pretending we can. In the unfortunate event you book a course and the conditions aren’t right, we’ll reschedule you to a later date when you will get the most from it.

Q) What is the youngest age you can start?

A) There is no official youngest age, but we normally recommend 12. That’s when we find most kids are mentally mature enough to understand the theory and important safety aspects involved with kiteboarding. With parental supervision we have taught kids as young as 6 before though!

Q) How long does a day last?

A) A full day course normally starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. We’re not clock watches though; we want to see you succeed, if that takes a little longer you won’t find us stopping your progression early, we’ll finish when it’s right to finish.

Q) Do I need any previous experience?

A) Not for a beginner 1 Day or 2 Day course. Any kite experience you can get prior to the course will help, but we plan for you having done nothing.

Q) What should I bring with me?

A) Just a towel, swim costume and clothing or sun protection appropriate for the day. Think about bringing an energy packed lunch, or cash to buy something from the local store. If you have your own wetsuit feel free to bring it, otherwise we’ll provide all the equipment you’ll need to enter the water warmly.