Ozone Kites

Selecting Ozone as our kites of choice, the quality of the product and the variety of options on offer is matched only by their feeling in the sky and heritage as a brand. Offering a model for every style of rider and breaking free from the norm, they produce kite models as versions, not years. Updating only when there’s a worthy change, they’ve got the rider in mind, to ensure quality kit with value for money now, and when selling it later to upgrade. 

Using the highest grades of material available, constructed in Ozone’s own factory, their kites are known as industry benchmarks, and whilst they may not be the cheapest, each model is truly an undeniable pleasure to ride. Endorsing them as they support us, we proudly offer their entire range of models in the school, hire fleet and test range.


Axis Boards

A new name with a strong heritage, the AXIS owner & shaper has been an influential figure in the creation of some of kiting’s best-known boards since the beginning of the sport. Proudly staying at the forefront of shaping, AXIS is a quiet brand, growing fast amongst riders in the know. Having tried one a few years back, we fell in love, so put them in the school, the rental fleet and now have them available to buy also.

Already great and continuing to develop, AXIS recently boosted the quality of their products by using a brand new factory technique, making their construction second to none and increasing their range of options to suit every style of rider.


Ride Engine

The harness is possibly the most important piece of kit to get right, as it’s the main connection between a rider’s body and the power of the kite. Getting a poorly fitting harness can ruin more than just a good session, as only the right one will support, protect and allow movement in all the right places. Released towards the end of 2015, Ride Engine transformed an old way of thinking and rather than using fabric construction, created a carbon mould of the human back. Spreading the load across its frame, they’ve created a new wave of harness design that doesn’t deform, slide up or become uncomfortable.

Available in 3 different constructions, with 3 different spreader bar options, we wouldn’t have dared to recommend a harness which suits everyone until these guys came along. Proudly being one of the first to offer Ride Engine, we use them ourselves, have them in our premium hire fleet, test range and offer them in the shop.