Now one of the big dogs in the kite scene, Ozone started from a humble background and a paragliding heritage. Growing slowly and strongly they’ve always put quality, development and the customer first, adopting a product release style of versions, rather than years, ensuring each new model is a worthy development and a worthwhile investment, changing only every couple of years as they see fit.
Often the first to use new fabrics and technologies which have gone through rigorous testing thanks to using their own factory, they’re secretly the inspiration to other brands in the market, bigger and smaller.

Now offering a range of boards as well as multiple kites which offer something for average Joe’s through to specific pro’s, they offer multiple award and test winning kit that we’re stoked on and proud to use as our kit of choice in the school, hire, demo, and retail fleet.


Axis Boards

A young and small brand, Axis has an old heritage since the owner and shaper has been an influential figure in the creation of some of kiting’s best-known boards since the beginning of the sport.
Doing what they know, better than most brands know how, they’re the riders choice and often a test winner across industry reviews. Offering a range of various models, they’re a quality feel which delivers exactly the performance and ride you’re looking for, whether it’s comfort or high end drive.
Built in bomb proof quality, they’re a favourite of ours and almost everyone that tries them.


Ride Engine

Started by a tech minded shred head in California around 2012, Ride Engine shook the kite scene up by opening eyes to the fact that making harnesses rigid and formed around the body, instead of soft fabric pressing into it, will instantly reduce discomfort and riding fatigue.

Initially custom moulded to individuals, Ride Engine then released the first universal fit ‘hard shell’ carbon and fibreglass harnesses in 2015. Ruffling feathers of the ‘big players’ it wasn’t long before several more versions were released, but ahead of the curve Ride Engine has stayed true to their ethos and now have a wide product range of rider driven kit which might not be the cheapest, but is certainly the best kit at keeping us warm, comfortable and riding better, for longer.